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Summary Provides GUI functionality for your C++ program.
Category libraries
License BSD License
Owner(s) amin


Algier GUI Library

Welcome to the project page of Algierlib. This library provides GUI functionality for your C++ program. This is not a bloated application framework. It is manageable and provides most required object types for graphical user interfaces. It is very easy to setup in your IDE - in just five minutes.

You program with Algierlib in a modern C++ style by using the Standard C++ Libraries. And we provide a good documentation for GUI-beginners. We want to make the most easy to use GUI library for C++!

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  • Native GUI controls
  • Canvas types for 2D and 3D graphics (OpenGL)
  • Model-View concept
  • Intelligent layout algorithms
  • Internationalization with UCS2 via std::wstring
  • Use of complete ISO-C++ standard and TR1 library for strings, events, object management, namespaces, RTTI, enums and exceptions
  • No macros and no pre-pre-processor